Success Stories

Thanks to OVP-prescribed safety glasses, a Harmac Mill employee escaped a serious eye injury on the job.

Ivan Peterson and two fellow employees of the mill were removing cap screws from a wood-chip conditioner during a mill shut down. After welding a bolt to a capscrew to assist in its removal, Peterson tilted his welding helmet back to inspect his work. A split second later, a small explosion sprayed debris into his face.

“His glasses were splattered with a gritty, sooty material, and if he had not been wearing safety glasses, he might have suffered a serious eye injury,” said John Dunn, Harmac’s safety and training coordinator. “It’s another example of why personal protective gear must always be worn while in the mill.”

Over the years, the OVP’s awareness programs and eye examinations have prevented countless eye injuries from occurring in the workplace, allowing people like Ivan Peterson to continue working and living with his vision intact.

“What I like about OVP is that it’s not complicated”

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