There are no shortcuts to workplace safety.

Cutting corners not only risks serious injury, but significantly impacts a company’s bottom line as a result of days lost, decreased productivity and poor workplace morale.

The Occupational Vision Plan (OVP), a program of the B.C. Association of Optometrists, is a province-wide network of approximately 270 doctors of optometry providing expert eye care and leading prescription safety eyewear to B.C. workplaces. In industries as diverse as forestry and high tech, we offer comprehensive eye examinations, professional consultation and individually tailored programs to help your employees work safely and effectively.

Our extensive team of eye doctors not only assess your employees vision, but their eye and general health, as well. We offer competitive pricing on safety eyewear that meets CSA and WorkSafe BC standards, and we make sure they properly fit.

OVP is available in 85 communities and has worked with 300 companies for nearly 20 years. We have the expertise; we have the experience. Entrust your employees’ eye health and vision safety to OVP. When it comes to protecting your workers’ vision, what could be more important?

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