Eye Exams Imperative

Your OVP doctor of optometry provides a detailed evaluation of your workers’ vision and eye health. Every eye exam includes a comprehensive understanding of their general health; family health history; any medication being taken; and the types of visual tasks their work demands.

Sight testing equipment used by opticians cannot detect serious health problems. However, a thorough eye exam by a doctor of optometry can detect cataracts, glaucoma or detached retinas. Doctors of optometry have also identified cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure during routine eye exams.

Through consultation with the employee, an OVP doctor of optometry can determine the demands a specific workplace has on its employees’ vision. The doctor of optometry can evaluate, test and provide the employee with not only proper safety eyewear, but also a prescription that reduces the chances of having an accident while doing precision work.

“Poor lumber grading costs millions of dollars,” says OVP doctor of optometry, Robert Reid. “I have helped lumber producers understand the demands on their employees’ vision and have made suggestions from better eye testing to lighting conditions that have improved worker productivity.”

An optician’s sight-test is NOT an eye exam.

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