What I like about OVP

Red tape and arduous administrative detail is the last thing safety program officers want to encounter when dealing with government or companies that provide services to their employees.

For Verlayne Dixon, the assistant to Abitibi Consolidated’s Safety and Training Supervisor, the Occupation Vision Program differs from many of the agencies she deals with on a daily basis.

“What I like about OVP is that it’s not complicated,” she says. “I only have to verify the paperwork to see if the applicant is one of our employees. I’ve never had a worker come and say they’ve had a problem with the OVP.”

Dixon, who works in the company’s Mackenzie-based woodworking division, says there can be confusion between the employees she deals with and those who work in the pulp and paper division. The OVP’s straightforward paperwork and responsive administrators allow her to remedy problems with one phone call, she says.

The flexibility and hands on approach of the optometrists who participate in the program also impresses Dixon.

“If there are any concerns from the optometrists’ offices, they will call us right away,” she says. “The forms are easy to understand and the employees understand how the program covers them, so taking advantage of it is simple.”

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