Three Easy Steps

Once enrolled in the Occupational Vision Plan, an employee can obtain prescription safety eyewear in 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Request an authorization form from the supervisor, safety officer or HR department, as well as information on the company’s arranged financial subsidy.
  2. Choose an OVP doctor of optometry.
  3. Bring along a valid prescription to the appointment. A valid prescription is one signed by a doctor of optometry or ophthalmologist and is dated within the last two years. If it is older than two years, call to make an appointment. The doctor of optometry will conduct an eye examination to assess the employee’s current vision and eye health.

Important details…

  • Be sure to tell the doctor of optometry what kind of work you do, as this will have a bearing on the type of frame and lenses recommended.
  • Once the frame and lenses are ordered, it will take a week to have the glasses made.
  • If you order additional upgrades or coatings that are not covered by your company plan, you will be asked to pay for these upgrades at the time of order.
  • Additional adjustment and fitting will be done at no extra cost.

OVP’s 3 Easy Steps: Click here for a PDF you can print from and distribute to workers. 

  • Find an OVP optometrist

    Click the link above to search for doctor of optometry who participates in the Occupational Vision Plan Program through our Find a Doctor Search.

    Please select the city or postal code and then select the program ‘Occupational Vision Plan’.